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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Seven the General & Nick Speed celebrate 4 year Anniversary of A.R.T. at the DIA


In 2012, when legendary Detroit Emcee/Actor "Seven the General" & Platinum producer "Nick Speed" created and crafted the "Award Winning", underground Hip-Hop Classic entitled "A.R.T. the DIA project", the duo never thought the Detroit Institute of Arts would consider their work, let alone their likeness or image worthy of such a prestigious museum.

A.R.T. the DIA project [written by Seven the General & produced entirely by Nick Speed] 
released on 11x3x2012

 By no fault of their own, in 2015, renowned photographer Jenny Risher from Detroit, set out to document Detroit's Hip Hop through night photography. Seeing that the DIA was devoid of the genre that is revered around the world as "Detroit Hip-Hop", Risher decided to try to aid in changing that fact. With the assistance and help from DIA curator "Nancy Barr" the "Project" is now a reality, as the photo of "Seven the General & Nick Speed" in the Eastern Market is now apart of the museum's permanent collection. The exhibit also boasts 3 other photos by Jenny Risher, that of Detroit Hip Hop Legends "Guilty Simpson", "Kon Artist aka Mr. Porter", "Phat Kat", "Hex Murder" & "Awesome Dre & the HCC". Other worldly vignettes and photographs from the likes of Tom Stoye & Jon Deboer make up the "Detroit After Dark" exhibit that is now on display at the Detroit Institute of Arts through April 23, 2017.
This is a historic event in Detroit Music, and a boost for the hip hop community in a city that tends to feel that no one hears or sees their art.

Visit the "Detroit After Dark" exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts today, check the official DIA site for museum hours.
- Seven the General (B.Sc.)