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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Minister Louis Farrakhan meets with the leadership of the Detroit Hip-Hop Community

On August 24th, 2015 the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan visited Detroit to speak with the leaders of the Hip-Hop community. The Minister spoke on unity, as well as the importance of protecting our women not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally. Mr. Farrakhan said that the message he delivered to the people in that room was special because it was not written it came from the heart. He also went on to call the Detroit Artists in that room the most important people in his life right now. You could feel the power in that room from wall to wall. In my personal experience It was as if we got to meet not only the Minister, but Elijah, Malcolm and Dr. Martin in one. Many may not agree with the views expressed by Mr. Farrakhan, but for Black Men who grew up with out fathers in the streets of Detroit, we say IF NOT THE MINISTER THAN WHO? I'll leave it at that! Some of the Artist present were Seven the General, Ice Wear Vezzo, Trick Trick, B Down the Boss, Nick Speed, MU, Supa Emcee, Kash Doll, and many other Very Important Detroit Media Outlets. 

- Seven the General

Watch Video here : (Courtesy of 7 Mile Radio)

Some of Detroit's Top Artist

Tuesday, August 4, 2015