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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DETROIT vs EVERYBODY (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ft. Big Herk x Seven the General x Big Gov x Cheddaboy Malik x Awesome Dre x Papa D x Will Louchi

Watch the OFFICIAL VIDEO directed by Amid Mosely
Detroit vs Everybody- ft. Big Herk x Seven the General x Big Gov x Cheddaboy Malik x Awesome Dre x Poppa D x Will Louchi x Bird x Poe Whosaine

Detroit vs Everybody produced by the Olympicks directed by Amid Mosely features legendary emcees Big Herk, Seven the General, Big Gov x Cheddaboy Malik x Awesome Dre x Poppa D & Will Louchi x Bird x Poe Whosaine ….. background vocals Latavia Parker

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Big Herk (RockBottom)
Seven the General (OG 7 Mile Dogg) (Murder City Detroit Documentary)
Big Gov (BMF) (Black Guv Gang)
Cheddaboy Malik (Cheddaboys)
Awesome Dre (Detroit Legend)
Poppa D (I'm From the Eastside Aint no Taco Bell)
Will Louchi (Streetlords)
Dirty Bird (Schoolcraft Boy)
Poe Whosaine (Esham Wicked Shit/Juggalo)
Latavia Parker (background vocals)


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