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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Minister Louis Farrakhan meets with the leadership of the Detroit Hip-Hop Community

On August 24th, 2015 the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan visited Detroit to speak with the leaders of the Hip-Hop community. The Minister spoke on unity, as well as the importance of protecting our women not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally. Mr. Farrakhan said that the message he delivered to the people in that room was special because it was not written it came from the heart. He also went on to call the Detroit Artists in that room the most important people in his life right now. You could feel the power in that room from wall to wall. In my personal experience It was as if we got to meet not only the Minister, but Elijah, Malcolm and Dr. Martin in one. Many may not agree with the views expressed by Mr. Farrakhan, but for Black Men who grew up with out fathers in the streets of Detroit, we say IF NOT THE MINISTER THAN WHO? I'll leave it at that! Some of the Artist present were Seven the General, Ice Wear Vezzo, Trick Trick, B Down the Boss, Nick Speed, MU, Supa Emcee, Kash Doll, and many other Very Important Detroit Media Outlets. 

- Seven the General

Watch Video here : (Courtesy of 7 Mile Radio)

Some of Detroit's Top Artist

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Thursday, July 30, 2015

August 12th at Exodus Roof Top … Seven the General, Nick Speed & Legendz Entertainments Annual Celebrity B Day Bash & Video Shoot)

Every year around August Seven the General releases a new project the Latest addition to that catalogue is titled "the Svengali LP". The Album, is a blend of Street Music, Useful information and Great songs. Currently being Mixed by White Mike and Silent riot, Art work by Rio Data and distribution through LongRange…. Stay connected to this blog to get a message when the album is available. The Release will be exclusive and limited personally autographed by "Seven the General". 

To hear a sneak peak click the link Strapped - Seven the General (prod. by Via the Great) #Svengali

August 12th at Exodus Roof Top … seven the general NICK SPEED & Legendz Entertainment Annual Celebrity B Day Bash & Video Shoot) with a whole bunch of heavyweights bdare all welcome #Yep — at Detroit Institute of Arts.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Detroit on Fire (Hip-Hop video game) featuring Seven the General & more

Be sure to use the "Seven the General" character on July 18, 2015 available for PC/Mac/DLC

In the Detroit rap world, an emcees "Credibility is Everything". Being apart of that culture, Young entrepreneur Shannon Williams has invented a video game (fight) using the most credible Detroit based emcees. The game has free & story modes, where Emcees battle their way through Detroit's grueling and at times violent, underground rap scene using some of the most notable and legendary Detroit Emcees as characters.

DOF's Initial release will be on PC only, however the game is compatible with Xbox controllers. Boasting 70+ emcees and personalities as well as 10+ historic venues. We here, look forward to its July 2015 release and Salute the genius of not just Detroit's emcees but of its entire way of being.

- Seven the General  

For more information & release follow @SeventheGeneral & @DetroitOnFireVideoGame 
Instagram x Twitter 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Detroit Hip Hop reaches the walls of the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) with Seven the General & Nick Speed

Celebrity photographer Jenny Risher documents Detroit's hip hop history for the Detroit Institute of Arts. Having already captured the likes of Eminem, Trick Trick, Black Milk, Danny Brown & the Brusier Brigade, the New York/Detroit native was quoted as saying "I was researching the archives of the DIA for a Motown music piece when I noticed there was no account of the Hip-Hop of Detroit." With that she begin to enlist a select group of Detroit's most legendary and historic hip hop icons. Over the next few days Awesome Dre will be added to the historic photo series that includes legends such as Esham, Royce da 59' and more of the cities great artist who have contributed to the imprint that is known as Detroit Hip Hop. - Seven the General

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Independent Music Business

#SevAdvice.... In All actuality anyone who writes produces and records songs is in the Music Business.... However the Industry is a different thing! The industry is controlled by 4 major labels EMI, Universal Music Group, Sony BMG & Warner Music group! They have controlled the market share for years based on their ability to distribute physical albums! 

If signed the Artist is responsible for all unsold product which the record store gets to hold your money  for a year as they SEE if your ish gone sell at a Target in Boise Idaho where you spent no promotion $ smh! They send ALL unsold albums back at full price which comes out the artist money! 

So let's say, they say, Wayne shipped Platinum today... Well if after a year Wayne don't sell all those albums in Boise and 100,000 come back at full price, he didn't actually GO platinum... He SHIPPED platinum... Now he wants to see the books right? In this new industry, those distributors are obsolete a lot of new artist aren't signed, this is why they give away music free.. They live off shows and merch! We spend thousands of dollars on music only to sell it for $.99! You need a million fans to make a mill ... Fug that, I'm a hustler, I concentrate on a small portion off the whole, attack it until it totally submits, then move on to the next quarter and before you know it you got it Half beat! 

Moral of the story? ..., Know the Business, Own Your Shit, Invest in Self ... Keep your eyes on your on paper...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kanye Must Die (starring Seven the General & Myron Watkins | Short film about a man's obsession with Kanye West

A frustrated hip-hop producer becomes obsessed with the idea that Kanye West has stolen his music, goaded on by his recently paroled cousin whose goal is to obtain their grand parents estate and the Machiavellian advice of "The 48 Laws of Power"

Inspired by such classic American cinema as "Taxi Driver", "Kanye Must Die" is an independent short film written and directed by Al Profit. Shot in a single day around Detroit, KYMD is a truly "Hip Hop" movie in the best sense of the word--pure passion and creativity.

Starring: Seven the General, Myron Watkins, & Acacia Turner.
Executive produced and produced by Al Profit, Don Overton, and Carla Overton.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Outstanding Electronic/Dance Recording - The Go by Seven the General

Seven the General is Nominated for 4 DMA Awards and one of them is "Outstanding Electronic/Dance recording" for the song "The Go" prod. by Silent Riot Studios​ … it's a Hip-Hop GO-GO song that will be featured on his upcoming album… go ahead and clear some space in the living room so you can bug doe… click the link below to listen.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

DETROIT MUSIC AWARDS 2015 Nominee Seven the General

Congratulations to Seven the General 
winner of the 2015 Detroit Underground Hip Hop Award for 
-Best Full Length Project (A.R.T. the DIA project) 

April 27th, 2015 downtown Detroit at the Fillmore Theater Seven the General
is being honored by the Detroit Music Awards this year as he is nominated in 4 categories tickets available at live nation and the fillmore box office

Outstanding Rap/MC
Outsanding Rap Composer
Outanding Rap Producer
Outstanding Electronic/Dance recording

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DETROIT vs EVERYBODY (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ft. Big Herk x Seven the General x Big Gov x Cheddaboy Malik x Awesome Dre x Papa D x Will Louchi

Watch the OFFICIAL VIDEO directed by Amid Mosely
Detroit vs Everybody- ft. Big Herk x Seven the General x Big Gov x Cheddaboy Malik x Awesome Dre x Poppa D x Will Louchi x Bird x Poe Whosaine

Detroit vs Everybody produced by the Olympicks directed by Amid Mosely features legendary emcees Big Herk, Seven the General, Big Gov x Cheddaboy Malik x Awesome Dre x Poppa D & Will Louchi x Bird x Poe Whosaine ….. background vocals Latavia Parker

Follow @SeventheGeneral on IG & Twitter sub to the channel for more content

Big Herk (RockBottom)
Seven the General (OG 7 Mile Dogg) (Murder City Detroit Documentary)
Big Gov (BMF) (Black Guv Gang)
Cheddaboy Malik (Cheddaboys)
Awesome Dre (Detroit Legend)
Poppa D (I'm From the Eastside Aint no Taco Bell)
Will Louchi (Streetlords)
Dirty Bird (Schoolcraft Boy)
Poe Whosaine (Esham Wicked Shit/Juggalo)
Latavia Parker (background vocals)


for DETROIT-vs-Everybody official gear


    Address: 400 Monroe St #340, Detroit, MI 48226

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Detroit Underground Hip-Hop Awards

This year marked the first annual Detroit Underground Hip Hop Awards held at St. Andrews Hall.. 

Seven the General nominated for 7 awards walked away with Top 5 Male Rap Artist of the year. As well as the Award for Best Full a Length Project for his A.R.T. the DIA project - Seven the General produced entirely by legendary Producer Nick Speed.

For every person who casted votes for me, I want to thank you as well as the Detroit Hip Hop community, and my entire family the award goes to you #Salute