The Ghost of Saint Aubin starring Seven the General: (Full Movie)

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Seven Mile Dogg Foe Life feat. Tone Ferg x G Rock x Big Quis x Big Money Rich x Seven the General x Lil Drug Sto

7 Mile rd is one of the most notable streets within the city of Detroit, Michigan. The legendary Hip-Hop shop that brought the world 8 Mile's Eminem actually sits on West Seven Mile Rd. Some of the cities legendary emcees are from the notorious stretch of road that extend from west to east of Detroit. One such person would be Blade Icewood who was assassinated right on the very street he help put on the map. Although there are many dope emcees coming from Detroit as of late rarely do you get to witness the authenticity and credibility displayed in the latest anthem dedicated to the infamous neighborhood.

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Enter "Seven Mile Dogg Foe Life" featuring Tone Ferg (Fullee) x G-Rock (Street Lords) x Big Quis (Doughboyz Cashout) x Big Money Rich (Biltmore's Finest) x Seven the General (SMD/Legendz Ent) x Lil Drug Sto (3rd Block Ent) video coming soon