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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

FYI.. They call me Seven the General

This is not an excerpt simply a explanation as to why I'm writing a book other than my childhood 

#FYI they call me ....SEVEN the GENERAL 

Yep, I'm very eclectic & emphatically enigmatic … 

my music is slightly gangsta and my past was kind of rough! Yet I am an Artist! It's deeper than rap music with me! In prison Rap/HipHop saved my sanity! I painted pictures using code words to evade & undermine the authorities! That was a form of freedom for me, to know that I'm standing dead in the face of the overseer communicating my agenda and hatred to my peers (which in any other form is inciting a riot and you go to the hole!) this on top of the fact that other aspiring rappers looked at my position as a food chain! I taught them to NEVER tread my waters or disturb my ethers! 

My mission was not simply to beat a rapper, it was to break his spirit to where if he ever thought of rapping anywhere on MY COMPOUND he'd do it only in his cell! Everywhere else is mine! So, I stayed war ready and also recorded a original album while in prison (gotta read the book *NINE* a memoir by Seven the General 2014 to learn exactly how I pulled that off ) and had the tape floating the prison yards under the nose of the law! 

That helped me form a chain of defeated emcees that all battled for my approval! It got to the point that if you wanted to battle me you would have to beat 9 or 10 others emcees that I had defeated before I would even talk to them lol this info can be verified by anyone from any compound I ever been on! Riverside, Michigan Reformatory, MCF, MTU, St. Louis Pine River! I left the Joint Undefeated! 1994-2003 ... I dropped my Official street album bout time in 07 and here I am 7 years later still doing what I love! My point is I take this rap shit serious it's my place of solace & refuge! GOD IS INDEED THE GREATEST  

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