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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Detroit Consent Agreement by Seven the General

Seven the General & producer Nick Speed (A.R.T. the DIA project get your copy)


Mayor dave bing, ficano ricky Snyder all of them trying to steal the city…city council yall some HOUSE NIGGAZ..

[Verse 1]

LOOK, I’m on the verge of jumping the desk, hit the lieutenant with the Tech
Drop the strap and let them bitches do the rest FREEDOM OR DEATH!
We bleeding Debt and all the plants done left the city
All the felons coming home, and all the BOWs is coming with him…

They laid my Mama off I’m fooling, fuck the school, I’m cutting classes 3 for 2’n
Welfare? GONE, Bridge card ON, but they cut the benefits you thank that bitch Granholm..
            Oh, Ricky Snyder here’s a message from the LIFERS, single Mother’s on ALL NIGHTERs, Senior-Citz with the Arthritis
They cut the Fire-Fighters, burnt the Busses on the Riders, plus the Police only open 9 to 5"!

This bitch is, on the verge of being a Third-World all the Jobs is in the Burbs
So niggaz forced to serve Girl… My L’s blown but I bet my voter card speaks


No Consent from ME, No consent from WE & none my niggaz running the Streets NO CONSENT DECREE…
No Consent from ME, No consent from WE & none my niggaz running the Streets NO CONSENT FOR WE…

[Verse 2]

What the Fuck is a Consent Decree? We don’t consent to POLICE!
We in the middle of the street Toting Heat and Blowing Trees..
Avoiding beef with Choppers, Niggaz Killing kids and burning bitches up in they crib

Governor Hitler trying to turn my city Auschwitz, snatch our plug to Canada
Venni Vetti “OFF SWITCH
This bitch a Zoo with all these Buffies and this Ostrich
Never knew this Ballin shit would cost US!...

I bet this PUMP a resolution to this slump, before I starve I’ll let this muthafugga thump (thiddump dump)…
We in the Slums and all they want to give is crumbs while CVS
Is on the corner going DUMB

[Hook] repeat 

[Verse 3]

They trying to Jack me for my Publishing, stick me for my Royalties
Get me to say “Fuck Vik, Money over Loyalty
Never been no “BOY” in me, More like “Delahoy
HONOR over DOLLARS bet that Vik will go to War with me…

L.O.M. the motto, HENNY over Bottles, REMY no moscato, Or Tequila with the Vato’s
Me, Kitso & Pahco swerving over pot holes fucking up the 4’s
Trying to make it for the rock closed..
Cops inside they squad clothes stop the parking lot show

Ripping up the drop 4, searching for the Glock….

Oh Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor where’d my dollars go?
They booted my Impala, put they Boots all on my Mama door!
Ran off in my Granny’s crib, breaking shit she’s had for years
No Regards for women and kids them bitches SAVAGES

First 48, DEA & FBI I hope you see my Middle Finger in the SKY….

[Hook] repeat


This a Muthafuggin Public Service Announcement from the GREAT muthafuggin people of the Block…aint no fugging Consent Decrees round this Bitch…

Seven the General 2013
Check out the LYRIC MEANINGS at 
Detroit City Councilman J. Tate, Seven the General & Councilman Spivey at award ceremony for Seven the General

Friday, March 1, 2013