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Monday, February 25, 2013

Seven The General - A.R.T. (The DIA Project) Produced entirely by Nick Speed

             Seven the General's brand New FREE ALBUM is not a mixtape even though released exclusively through per PROPANE MEDIA it is actually Seven's DEBUT EP 10 tracks of Seven's raw emotions and opinions over Nick Speed's production.... Seven & Speed locked themselves in the studio and made a song a day! Footage coming soon of the process Nick & Seven would take a smoke & drink break come into the lab...Nick would make a beat on the spot & Seven would write a song of the topics of discussion during the smoke session... So this is litterally REAL pun intended... Sit back with the album....SMOKE SOMETHING FIRST!!! THEN LET IT PLAY FROM 1-10 straight and Let the Lyrics take you were WE WERE..... ENJOY...... SUN TZU OF THE CITY COMING SOON 2013....
after the Jump Hit the Link and get your free copy....TELL A BLOGGER TELL A FRIEND TELL SOMEBODY ABOUT IT.... LET TALK!!

Seven The General - A.R.T. (The DIA Project) - Propane Media