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Monday, February 4, 2013

IMK Assignment #1 - Blogs

Seven the General's Blog

The theme of my blog is the artist Seven the General, his music, lifestyle and merchandise. The views and opinions expressed throughout the blog are solely that of the artist himself. Although other subjects and topics may be addressed slightly with the blog its main focus is the thoughts and opinions of Seven the General. Seven is an artist from Detroit Michigan who has written with some of the industry’s legends such as J Dilla & the multi-platinum group D12. Fans from all over the world look to Seven the General as a key figure in music and the Detroit scene in general. The blog is targeted to lovers of hip-hop and rap music from ages 24-35 male and female of any ethnicity. Seven the General does not discriminate nor does his blog promote discrimination based on race, religion and many other factors. Some readers have the potential to be offended by some subjects and their nature, however the blog is not designed to be discriminatory against anyone in particular. Throughout Seven’s blog you will see video’s of live performances, documentaries, music video’s and read Seven’s opinions and thoughts on just about anything from his own music to the iPhone 5.

B. Bardwell