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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Detroit's Street culture by Seven the General

To call any neighbohood in Detroit a gang's territory that doesn't originate from Detroit is the same as allowing an outsider to come to your town and take over. 7 Mile is neither Crip nor Blood, neither GD or Vice lord. The streets of Detroit hold NO affiliation with any set and can only be claimed by the residents of that respective neighborhood. How can you live on 8 mile and claim/say your from Joy Rd? This makes NO SENSE and if this applies to you here is an article retrieved from the metro time about Detroit

No Crips
"Detroit has never been the home to the kind of all-encompassing urban gangs that are associated with the roots of gangster rap in places like Los Angeles — with its infamous Crips and Bloods — in the 1980s. But Detroit has its loose neighborhood outfits.
Visit Platinum Records on West Seven Mile Road, and the owner, who refers to herself as “Mama Theresa,” will point out promotional posters for local rappers on her walls. And she’ll tell you who’s associated with the Joy Road crowd, with Puritan Avenue, who hails from Schoolcraft and Seven Mile roads. Her small storefront shop is an outlet for local hip-hop talent. She says her church sisters criticize her for selling “that rap, but it’s what the kids do.” If it will keep them doing something constructive, she will support them. Besides, she says, most of them are not violent.
But beyond the neighborhood demarcations, no geographical marker divides Detroit’s rap world more than the division between West Side and East Side.
West Side neighborhoods, according to Dr. Carl Taylor, a Detroiter who teaches sociology at Michigan State University, are associated with middle-class lifestyles. They are somewhat more affluent than many East Side enclaves, which are considered poorer, more meager areas.
Police say street thugs sometimes carry the same mentalities. East Side hustlers tend to be more conservative, while West Siders are more likely to be big spenders.
Taylor says the East and West Side rivalry goes back to the heyday of Detroit’s Black Bottom neighborhood in the 1950s and before.
“The East Side was always considered primitive,” he says. “Brothers were known as rough, street-ready warriors. Niggas on East Side had lots of gangs. Even skin pigmentation was an issue, light-skinned niggas versus dark-skinned niggas. It goes all [the] way back to Hastings. When you talk Seven Mile, like by U of D High, you were there. That’s where the money was. Say you had a girl who lived over there, you made it.”
Police do not discount the role this decades-old tension between East and West may have played"

I Seven the General in NO WAY condone violence in any form! This post was to point out the miseducation of the gang-banger in Detroit with hopes of redirecting that energy into pride in the Neighborhoods of Detroit by it's residents. My niggaz dont destroy your block CLEAN IT UP! KEEP IT SAFE for the BABIES & ELDERLY! THATS GANGSTA... 
- Seven the General
Music: Murder rap by Khari Kimani Turner retrieved on February 21, 2013 from Metro Times - Music: Murder rap
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