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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Detroit's Lost Gold by Seven the General

Generational disconnect in HipHop has existed since the days of Kool Moe Dee vs LL Cool J. On the other hand regional pride & the illustration of local culture are some of the pillars of rap. Whether people want to admit it or not "Rap/ HipHop" has Rules! Criterium that qualifies those who meet and or excel the par as Great. More than sales or monetary accumulation the music that scores an era is to be celebrated by the generations that follow or why make it?

I grew up watching Detroit rap on the JukeBox channel 41 Barden Cable... Coleman Young was our Mayor, YBI had just been dismantled and Bass music & Techno was party music cuz that clubbin sound was for "Marks" (victims) guys would post outside the clubs, wait for the older guys to hide they guns on top of the front tire, of their cars and steal them right after. So in my day house parties were for gangstaz & clubs was for preps!

If you've ever been to Chicago the culture of stepping knows no affiliation it's simply a Chi-Town thang'. Detroit is the same way, some things are just universal and demands respect. I'm a upholder of Detroit & a vanguard of its culture. Let me hip you to Detroit's Hip hop/ Rap Lost Gold!

70's The Pimp Jerk (The Jerk) dance created by Detroit pimps who wanted to gig but not sweat or ruin their hair.

80's The Errol Flynn (Earl Flynn) dance created by Detroit Gang Bangers who wanted to dance but not sweat out their clothes & ruin their hair!.

Other notables hood dances that have the aesthetics of a Los Angeles blood walk or Crip dance,


The Schoolcraft
The Jerry Lewis
The Prep
The Smurf German & Califonia
The Jit

We have to protect our own legacy Detroit we are the birthplace of Detroit's Most Wanted, Esham, Dilla, D12, ICP, StreetLords, Rock Bottom, ES Chedda, Boys, DoughBoyz Cashout, Big Sean...

When dudes say to me "Sev listen to my music bro I don't sound like a Detroit rapper"... You've just lost my attention & respect to be honest. This simply means that they have a self hatred & an envy of those whom have overcame odds to get where they are.

Remembering this is the equivalent of having a universal key to the cities locked Doors.... Contrary to popular belief.... There are MAJOR labels inside of Detroit hunting for the next thing now! Your knowledge, attitude & character are the only ways to access these doors of opportunity. Illuminati? Naw more like what reason have you've given someone to let you in & invest money on you? Make you, Your Brand!

Respectfully to those who paved the way for Detroit Rap!!

-Seven the General