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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Before they steal the DETROIT JIT by Seven the General


             I've been watching the rise of all of these "Harlem Shake" video's on top of the fact Forbes magazine rated Detroit the #1 most miserable city to live in. First, let me say that was some of the most disrespectful shit I've ever heard someone say about my beloved city. 
        Now that the other side of 8 mile has applied for FIA shit done got real outchea huh? We as residents of Detroit have lived harmoniously this way since 1701 (75 years before America gained her independence) Now that the so-called "middle class" has to come down to the HOOD shit is REAL... To those of you who criticize Detroit, be aware of the supreme racial divide that exists. 

  Detroit is a Northern city that operates off of southern Jim Crowish type laws... We are a self segregated city...we don't cross 8 mile and we don't let them cross it either...that's the way of the that our violence and crime has spilled over 8 mile they've ran to 15 mile.....we never cared let em run...just don't let em run the city..

Now my next gripe

        this Harlem Shake shit, I cannot front them video's are HILARIOUS! The problem is the total disrespect of that culture....ATLANTA (yes I SAID IT NIGGA).... namely Jeezy and every other crack box TRAP RAPPER have PILLAGED the Detroit Culture and Spit it out to the world as if they are the originators of it! 
        WE ALL KNOW WHERE THEM NIGGAZ GOT THEY GAME FROM!!! AND WE ALL KNOW WHERE THEM NIGGAZ WAS FROM! How dare these niggaz rap bout being in spots young with crack & blow etc... when WE TAUGHT IT TO THEM! BLASPHEMY! Now the world views us as unoriginal SMFH, and now to top it off that WINDOW IS CLOSED MY NIGGAZ! Cocaine ain't even selling that good no more so all this drug lord shit is getting outta hand...STOP IT!! PLEASE NIGGA! CUT THE CRAP OK? 

let's move on

never abandon your true life but if you gone tell me a story make the shit believable...Now Before these muthafuggaz steal something so connected to US DETROITERS let me say it Here and Now...THE JIT BELONGS TO DETROIT..... IT WAS ORIGINATED HERE AND THAT'S THAT! THERE IS ONLY 2 versions WESTSIDE & EASTSIDE 
and this!!!! my niggaz,..... is our CRIP WALK no blue flag doe...

BE PROUD OF YOU your history! all my hip-hop rap cats that's have respect for the city...

-Seven the General (@SeventheGeneral)

Detroit Jit by Strings313 retrieved on February 24, 2013 from