The Ghost of Saint Aubin starring Seven the General: (Full Movie)

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Seven the General releases mixtapes with enigmatic titles, that allude to things unknown to the uninitiated. Allow me to take you Back for a Spell, Seven's first Cd on Legendz Entertainment was called "BOUT TIME" (available on itunes etc.) the Name symbolizes the duality of what the phrase entails. Thus being not just "ITS HERE, and its ABOUT TIME" but the point that Seven & his partner at the time had did "TIME" up North together so the album was "ALL ABOUT TIME" incarcerated & all other TIMES in LIFE...

Seven's First Mixtape since the Split of "THE LEGENDZ" was titled "the Sanctum Sanctorum" which is a latin phrase that when translated means "The Holiest of Holies" and was originally the room King Solomon built to house the Ark of the Covenant... Seven is a Master in the Arts of  Mystical affairs and has been intiated into some of the most Known & Notorious the Sanctum Sanctorum to Seven is the BRAIN that HOUSES the MIND that isnt seen! its also a Place where the Most Vital Information is stored and must be protected by the Boney Box with the IVORY locks...WHICH IS YOU SKULL & TEETH aka the SANCTUM SANCTORUM, lastly the title alludes to having some of the greatest MC's in the Detroit Music scene showcased on it...

the 3rd Installment to this Legendz Entertainment Trilogy is "Stars & Stripes (the Elian Gonzolez story)" it actually explains itself "Stars & Stripes" shows Seven's Rank as a General and the Spitters on this CD are a testiment to Just how Powerful of a Voice Seven's is as he Stands among some of the Most Deadly MC's the Streets of Detroit have to offer, so it holds a Badge of Honor the name does, the second half is the Elian Gonzolez story, this is a true Metaphor to Seven's Life as he was too Abducted (By Police) and thrown in prison for 9 years shiped from place to place only to be sent back home, and its also a metahor for Heroin and how its brought here and distributed but the authorities keep pretending as if they dont want it here... the title is a PRELUDE to Seven the General's FIRST SOLO ALBUM called "SUN TZU of the CITY"

That title SUN TZU of the CITY comes from the constant sighting of alleged GENERAL"S in HIP HOP, SEVEN DECLARES WAR on them ALL with his UPCOMING CD, as he illustrates why he is well versed in the ART OF WAR...COMING SOON stay on the look out