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Monday, March 21, 2011

Detroit is Dying?

Today i read a report that stated that Detroit was now #12 on the list of fastest Depopulated Cities..At one time we had 1.8 Million residents in the great city of Detwa. We were established in 1701 before even Almighty America was even given their independence..Trust me when i tell you some one has their eyes on Detroit. and his name Ladies and Gentlemen is L.Brooks Patterson he is a supreme racist. He and alot of other Conqueror's wish to Take our land for they know it is sovereign unto it's residents..So they spent all of our good traffic ticket money (cuz you know not to cross 8 mile) and spent it along with other KILL KWAME money and they PROPELLED this Lil ass Kid Rick Snyder into office..they are waiting for us to kill each other off and then just walk thru and take the city afterwards by locking the rest of the niggaz up and charging so much to live here the rest of the niggaz will have to leave..BY THE WAY FUCK YOU DAVE BING YOU FUCKING SELL OUT ASS JIGGABOO ASS..ASS KISSER..FUCK YOU THRICE COWARD! Detroit i will never give up on you! and it is in my agenda to rebirth the Strongest Flyest City in AMERICA......DETROIT, MICHIGAN USA muthafuckaz...