The Ghost of Saint Aubin starring Seven the General: (Full Movie)

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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Its not about who look healthier in a race! It's about who finishes with their health in tact feel me? So in other words don't worry about how these niggaz with no deals out here Stuntin now See who stunts in the end on em! If you so rich why you rapping? Don't follow the road of those who use trickery to gain attention, fore once the trick is revealed the jig is up and you have to continue to trick the people. Your audience isnt that dumb..nor is the public as a whole that foolish. They know when your faking just like you know when another nigga is pump faking or perpin feel me? Stay True to something...Have honor, respect, dignity, heart, wisdom, & morals my niggaz..and that will take you way further than the illusion of having money...Peace,
Seven the, -#Generaladvice