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Friday, November 19, 2010

Seven the General**** "Young Boy Fresh" (Dir: Ike Films)

Seven the General's BLOG: Royalties & ASCAP/BMI money

Seven the General's BLOG: Royalties & ASCAP/BMI money: "Money comes from so many different places when you make a song..there is so many different channels that you have to have YOURSELF and YOUR ..."

Royalties & ASCAP/BMI money

Money comes from so many different places when you make a song..there is so many different channels that you have to have YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY help be your auditors and accountants..there is the song it self as a single right? .99 cents...there is the physical purchase of that song from a retailer correct? Okay what about when the song is played on radio, via internet, or television etc? Someone is collecting that publishing and those royalties..When you are independent it is indicative that as your sales grow and your buzz widens you try to maintain some kind of control of the wide spread rape of you portion of this money..If you are simply an artist then you have to realize that these things do belong to you however you will OWE the label you are signed to their cut because after all they did front you the bread up front feel me? So realize they like the bag man...they give you 300,000 (lets say) forget what you need to spend that on right now..THEY WANT A RETURN ON THEIR MONEY not just their bread back follow me? So in other words you have to generate a million just to try to see a few dollars..My Point? Not to shy you away from a deal...only to make you aware of whats yours so you can first OWN IT..then sell it for the right price if ever you get the chance to get a deal...dig it? this is not a RULE or GUIDE to the industry HELL I DONT KNOW or I would be there..this is just a view from my balcony for yall dig me? Peace

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Daily Hustle thoughts lol

Social Network! The biggest publicity stunts are made there! I'm bout to start slangin Napkins boy! Think about it some nigga out of nowhere always You got some tissue? Nigga we on belle isle whereTF I get some tissue from? A purse nigga? Nawwww try NAPKINs by SEVEN 2/for a $1.00 next to the blunts lmaooooo

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sun Tzu of the City...

the Sanctum Sanctorum is the precursor to the God of War mixtape coming December...both mixtapes are a collective of some of the best features Seven the General has done..which includes features from everybody from Rico Fonzerelli to Rock Bottom, including StreetLord Juan, B-Down the Boss, Chedda Boy Malik, Cash Out, Al Nuke, Big Phella Dec and Some of the most infamous EMCEES Detroit has, pick up your copy from Press or Play (Northland & Eastland Malls) coming to itunes this Winter (2010) all fans of Seven will Def love this...with all this being said....

Sun Tzu of the City is my official SOLO actual DEBUT this will set the precidence for what's to contains some of the most versitile songs from a artist of my caliber...being from the streets yes i do street shit BUT IM AN ARTIST i do it all...i may cant paint you a picture with a brush but this album will paint you a picture with words...coming soon..

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Its not about who look healthier in a race! It's about who finishes with their health in tact feel me? So in other words don't worry about how these niggaz with no deals out here Stuntin now See who stunts in the end on em! If you so rich why you rapping? Don't follow the road of those who use trickery to gain attention, fore once the trick is revealed the jig is up and you have to continue to trick the people. Your audience isnt that dumb..nor is the public as a whole that foolish. They know when your faking just like you know when another nigga is pump faking or perpin feel me? Stay True to something...Have honor, respect, dignity, heart, wisdom, & morals my niggaz..and that will take you way further than the illusion of having money...Peace,
Seven the, -#Generaladvice